Just arrived? Do you need to apply for residence permit?

Just arrived in Italy for study? 

Any idea of what you have to do about immigration? 


Non Eu citizen entering Italy with Visa Type D for more than 90 days must apply for the residence permit according to visa by 8 days from the arrival in Italy.

Residence permit of stay is issued by the local Questura - Police headquarter of the city you live in.

The application kit must be sent at the post office.


What to do? 

First of all you must go to a Post office and ask for immigration kit and then fill it out! 


How to fill it out? 

Please read carefully the information at this webpage dedicated to permit of stays and download the instructions to fill out the form. 


Do you still need help?

For further information and support please contact

Welcome Office FVG at mobility@areasciencepark.it











Photo credit: Pixabay