FVG Region

Friuli Venezia Giulia region hosts long-standing and worldwide-known national research bodies, international organisations, Higher education institutions, universities and technology parks. 

International mobility and collaboration between research, academia and industry sector  are key features of the regional policies, supported by initiatives and specific actions to attract highly skilled human resources and to boost regional competitiveness.

Friuli Venezia Giulia region is the right place to study from undergraduate to PhD level, and carry out Post Doc, research and innovation projects in an international, competitive as well as attractive context because:

  • it is at the heart of the enlarged Europe
  • it represents an important science and technology hub
  • it hosts a significant community of international scientists and students
  • it provides regional policies focused on internationalisation of talented human capital
  • it promotes a multidisciplinary network of public and private research centres (SiS FVG)

 For more information about the Scientific and Innovation system of FVG regionSiS FVG main objectives, partners, activities and opportunities please visit https://www.sisfvg.it/