Integration Agreement

The agreement envisages a credit-based approach.

Foreigners must attend a free training and information session on civic education and an Italian language course (only for those who stay more than two years) to confirm the 16 credits. Foreigners are invited to attend these courses within 3 months after the singing. 

N.B. Holders of a permit of stay for study are exempted  from the Italian language and civic session tests.

The non-attendance of this training session leads to the loss of 15 credits.

The agreement will be assesed after two years. A written communication will be sent one month before the expiry of the agreement. At the appoitment  you will need to submit the documentation required  to receive additional credits (see the Form).


The agreement is signed at the Prefecture – One-stop shop for migration, by foreign nationals who enter Italy for work/research reasons or for family reunion purposes, or at Questura  (Police Headquarters) in case of entry for study and other reasons.

N.B. At Questura the agreement is signed at fingerprinting appointment. 


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