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Get more information and tips about:

- signing a contract
- moving in 
- furnitures and utilities
- moving out 



- cost of the drafting, some landlords use agencies for this service and they may charge you the fees

- leaving the apartment before the end of the contract, please check the conditions stated in the contract. Usually a written non-renewal notice (disdetta) is due to the owner (from 6 to 1 month before). 

- charges included in the rent and which you have to pay apart. Namely utiities like electricity, gas, telephone/wifi, waste tax (called TARI) are not included while the building running costs for communal area, water and heating costs may be included. Ask landlord how to pay the waste tax, usually it has to be paid by you to ESATTO SPA Office.
Sometimes landlords may ask to pay the cleaning of the flat at the end of the contract and to underwrite an insurance for third party liability.

- outstanding bills of previous tenant, ask landlord and check it. Otherwise you could be liable for any .

- accident insurance coverage for third parties accidents, landlords could ask you to undrewrite this kind of insurance

- receipt when paying the deposit/rent (it is advised to pay by banktransfer)

- permanent residenceinform landlord in advance if you need to move your residence 



  • Inform landlord immediately about any damage you see in the flat (walls, furniture, doors, home appliances...) to be sure that the you will not be charged of these costs when moving out
  • Check the meters to know how much to pay if the utilities are already open (e.g. gas, water)
  • (ONLY FOR NON EU citizen) inform Questura (Immigration Office) on your address if it is different from the one you gave previously when applying for the permit and put your surname on the mail box and on the door bell. 



Furniture and equipment: apartments are usually furnished and comprised an equipped kitchen. In any case ask landlord about the furniture items and about the bed equipment.

Utilities and other expenses: electricity, gas, telephone, wifi, hot water, heating, TV tax, waste tax are usually NOT included in the rent. It is recommended to check it with the landlord (the tenancy contract should report it).
If the utilities are closed you may be asked to open them under your name (the procedure is called subentro). It takes about 5 working days (for gas, electricity, water).  
If the utilities are already open you may just put your name under the contract (the procedure is called voltura). Check if the previous tenant has paid the bills up-to-date! 

You may also be asked to pay the waste tax and building-related costs (management, upkeep, electricity, insurance, etc.). 



  • Send a non-renewal notice (disdetta) to the owner according to the terms indicated in the contract, especially if you move out earlier! 
  • Close the utilities contracts (the ones under your name) e.g. electricity, gas, wifi, waste tax
  • If utilities are not under your name, ask landlord how to pay the last bills
  • Make an appointment with landlord at home to check the conditions of the flat/room and discuss how to get back the deposit
  • If you keep staying in Italy you should update your address at Agenzia delle Entrate 


Things to Know

Should you need more information or support on housing issues you may get in contact with SUNIA, the tenants union.