Emergency in Ukraine - Information


Ukrainians and Third countries nationals coming from Ukrainian war zones and just arrived in Friuli Venezia Giulia, are entitled to stay legally on the national territory for 90 days by:

a. reporting their entry at the local police headquarter (Questura) while waiting to apply for a residence permit. The dichiarazione presenza should be submitted by 8 days from the entry in Italy. 

 Please fill the  form Declaration of presence out and hand it in at Immigration office at Questura.


b. showing a stamp on the passport from another Schengen country


Are you hosting Ukrainian citizens or third country nationals arriving from Ukraine? 

Be aware that you need to report theri presence at the local Questura by sending cessione fabbricato certificate by 48 hours after the arrival of the person at home.
 It must be done for anyone (including minors). 

A form must be filled in and signed by the host along with: 

  • Copy of the passport of the host (landlord or tenant) and of each guests; 
  • Copy of the rent contract (it must be signed). 

Download the form and see how to fill it out
Download the forms used at Questura in Trieste:  Form B for NON EU citizens (Dichiarazione ospitalità). 



Monday to Friday 8:30 - 1pm ; 2 pm -4 pm

Saturday 8 am - 11:30 am 


Information available in Italian only at Questura Trieste website



To get in touch with the ukrainian embassy or consulates in Italy you may contact:

- the Ukrainian Embassy in Rome: https://italy.mfa.gov.ua/it

- the Ukrainian Consulate in Naples: https://naples.mfa.gov.ua/it

- the Ukrainian Consulate in Milan: https://milan.mfa.gov.ua/it

- if you are in Friuli Venezia Giulia region you may also reach the Ukrainian Embassy in Ljubljana (Slovenia): https://slovenia.mfa.gov.ua/en









Photo source: OpenClipart-Vectors da Pixabay